Reading: 20 minutes each night

Multiplication Fact Practice: 5-10 minutes each night

Word Study: 7-10 Minutes each night
Word Study Homework

Students will be working with their  word sorts at home for some additional practice. Before beginning, print the weekly list and cut the words into individual tickets. Here are recommendations for practicing the words at home...  

Monday: Sort the words-

Your child should read each word aloud during this activity. Have your child explain why the words are sorted in those particular categories. Have your child sort the words again, but his time it should be done quickly.

Tuesday: No Peeking Sort -

Lay down a word from each category as a header and then read the rest of the words aloud to your child. Have your child tell you what category the word belongs in without SEEING the word. Lay down the word in the category your child identifies, but give them a chance to change their mind. Repeat if needed for more difficult words.

Wednesday: Word Hunt-

Assist your child in doing a word hunt. This involves your child looking for words in a familiar book, magazine, newspaper that have the same sound, pattern, or both. Try to find 2-3 words for each category.

Thursday: Blind Writing Sort -

As you call out the words in a random order, your child should place them in the correct sorting category. For misspelled words, you should repeat as needed until they are spelled correctly.

Friday: Complete Unfinished Digital Activities and Take the Spelling Test at School.

Don't forget to turn in your homework every Friday.

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